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If you are seeking deeper connections with your companion pets or struggling with questions or views about animals’ place in our world, we can help in many ways. We will work together to explore your personal values, beliefs, and spirituality to help find meaning and connections for you. 


Creating meaningful habits, rituals, and ceremonies to honor your companion animals helps to deepen your bond. When that moment arrives, we can help you create a memorial for them that gives them and you a way to help honor their lives, keep their memories alive, and always in your heart.


Being able to have discussions with someone about afterlife beliefs and provide comfort through prayer or spiritual readings can make a big difference in helping you process grief. 

We can also help in working on activities and healing energy work to create a stronger bond at home and provide you with support in ways that you feel empowered to be an active part of helping your companion animal’s quality of life. 

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Emotional Support

An animal chaplain offers emotional support to pet owners and individuals who are experiencing difficult decisions surrounding sickness, injury, grief, or loss. They provide a listening ear and offer comfort, compassion, and understanding during these challenging times, as well as support for making those choices. 

Spiritual Support

We provide spiritual counseling and guidance to individuals who are seeking deeper connections with their pets or are grappling with existential questions related to animals and their place in the world. They may help people explore their beliefs, values, and spirituality as it pertains to animals.


End-of-life Support

When pets or other animals are nearing the end of their lives or require euthanasia, an animal chaplain can offer support and help create meaningful rituals or ceremonies to honor and say goodbye to the animal. They may also assist in facilitating discussions about afterlife beliefs or provide comfort through prayer or spiritual readings.

Bereavement Services

After the loss of a beloved animal, an animal chaplain can assist individuals and families in their grieving process. They may provide grief counseling, lead support groups, or offer resources and rituals that can aid in healing and finding closure.

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